On August 9, 2016, in the framework of the memorandum of understanding between the Agency of the Protected Areas and the Georgian National Museum, the exhibition hall was opened in Kolkheti National Park visitor centre. 

In the exhibition hall visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the local flora and fauna specimens, to obtain information on the park's biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes. The exhibition focuses on birds, because the territory serves as the habitat, winter and migrating resting place for local and migratory birds. Also, it is the global refugee glacial age and relict plant species habitat. Also, it is the global ice age refuge and the shelter for relict plant species.

The Georgian National Museum collected material such as plants herbarium of the IUCN's red list species; collection of insects, mollusks and ichthyofauna and herpetofauna of Kolkheti National Park.

The exhibition includes the multimedia - electronic interactive display, where visitors can see a map of the Kolkheti National Park bird watching places; obtain information about important birds which inhabit the park and listen to their voices.

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