Spa in Georgia: swimming in wine and mineral waters

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We always try to advise you beautiful and interesting places to visit, no matter, which activity you prefer. Some might think that Georgia is just for people, who are interested in eating and drinking, or for those, who enjoy climbing the mountains and bathing in the waterfalls, but no, it’s not true. For example, relaxation seekers and wellness lovers can find many charming corners for themselves too! We will tell you more about some of them (the resorts are mentioned in random order).

The biggest region of Georgia, Kakheti, keeps mesmerizing us with natural diversity. Though, spa hotels are located not in the desert or high in the mountains, but in the greenest parts. If you drive from Tbilisi to Kakheti via Sagarejo road (S5), you will spot the village Kachreti on the way. It used to be famous for excellent meat, and in the recent years a great hotel with spa facilities and golf pitch has been opened there. Save the name: Ambassador Kachreti.

Deeper in Kakheti there are two amazing high-class recreation areas: Kvareli Lake Resort and Lopota Lake Resort. Both of them offer fitness, swimming pool, sauna, cycling, fishing and calm environment. Though, Lopota has a very fancy spa, several pools and Russian bath, which makes the price significantly higher. Another Kakhetian resort is also located in this area and will cost you a certain amount of money. Though, those, who want to try something special and understand the specifics of wine region on their own skin, will go for it: Kvareli Eden offers wine-based spa service. Imagine not just tasting wine, but also use it for improving your health from outside!

In the other region of Georgia, Samtskhe-Javakheti, you will heal yourself not with wine, but with mineral waters. There are several small hotels and even an open-air mineral water pool in the park, but if you feel like having full high-quality treatment, think about contacting one of three bigger hotels: Rixos Borjomi, Crowne Plaza Borjomi, Borjomi Palace. First two are the parts of international franchises, and the third one is domestic Georgian product. Balneotherapy, colonotherapy, different kinds of massages… Your body will be grateful even for a short stay!

If we think about mountains and spa, Rooms Hotel Kazbegi comes to our mind immediately. One of the most popular hotels in Georgia, it offers spa and swimming pool services, plus fantastic view of mount Kazbek as a bonus.

Passive history lovers, who prefer to observe the heritage objects from a calm location, will like Gino Wellness in the ancient capital of Georgia, Mtskheta, and the same hotel in Rabati fortress, which is famous for its multicultural vibe and great museum. Combining swimming, wellness procedures and sightseeing has never been so easy.

Back from old castles to the modern ones: put into your list a brand new hotel Castello Mare in Tsikhisdziri (Ajara region). The white castle at the seaside promises great treatment to your body, and amazing Ajarian nature will calm down your mind! And in general… feeling royal is pleasant, isn’t it?

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