Wine routes of Georgia: Mtskheta and Imereti

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If you’ve heard something about Georgian wines, the first name which is usually mentioned is Kakheti. Sure, our biggest winemaking region deserves this attention, but we are the country of wine – it means, that grapes are growing all around Georgia, and we can offer much more amazing wineries to visit. We indicate the best ones with a brown shield WINE ROUTE, so if you travel around the country, you will definitely notice them.

Let’s start with Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia, which is very close to Tbilisi. This town should be in spotlight not just because of its UNESCO-protected churches! One of the cellars, which are worth-visiting, is the one of Giorgi Barisashvili. Oenologist, well-educated expert and wine writer, he is treating the guests with qvevri wine. Traditional technology applied to local sorts of grapes gives a great result. You should try his Aladasturi, it’s very Christmassy, if we can say so. You will understand, what we meant, as you will roll the wine on your tongue.

In 10 km from Mtskheta, in a village Chardakhi, you will discover a winery called Iago’s Wine. After taking a look at old winemaking tools and the cellar with buried qvevri, you will be offered to taste red and white organic wines. If you are interested in the ones, which are made of regional sort of grapes, try white dry Chinuri. A tip: contact Iago before paying a visit to his home. You will find the contacts in our database at

Want to make a tasting like a sir? Head to Chateau Mukhrani! This beautiful estate, which belonged to the royal Georgian family Mukhranbatoni, has been completed in 1885, and since that time wine is being produced on this fruitful land. Now in the cellars of chateau there are around 60.000 barrels of local wine, prepared according to the Georgian and European technology. We recommend you to try those, made of indigenous Georgian grapes, such as Tavkveri, Goruli Mtsvane, Shavkapito.

After such a short, but tasteful acquaintance with surroundings of Mtskheta we move to Imereti region. You might have not heard about its wines a lot, and we are going to improve the situation right now! Imeretian sorts do deserve the local and international praise because of their full harmonious taste. Try Tsolikouri, Khikhvi, Krakhuna, Tsitska, Otskhanuri Sapere, and you won’t be disappointed!

Where to try them, you might wonder. Surprisingly, the important wineries are not located in Kutaisi, the regional center. One big wine producer we have already mentioned in the article about Kakheti, is Khareba. Its Western branch is located near Terjola. Two good private ones are to find in Baghdati.

The first one belongs to Gaioz Sopromadze. He didn’t produce wine for sale until 2009, even though he represents the fourth generation of winemakers’ dynasty. Now his Tsolikouri, Chkhaveri and Otskhanuri Sapere are exported to Italy, France and the US!

Zurab Ghvaladze’s cellar in the village Meore Obcha near Baghdati is famous for its Tsitska and Tsolikouri, light yellow wines, made of local grapes. You can see the whole process of producing it in clay pots, which is called here not qvevri, but churi.

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