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Georgian festivals you shouldn’t miss this summer

Georgia used to be a place, where people used to come for folk dances and polyphonic music. Recently the musical scene started really expanding: you can listen to crazy variety of music arts, starting from top class performances in Tbilisi Opera to famous techno DJs coming to play at the seaside. Summer 2016 is going to please all the music lovers, because there will be so many things to listen an

Best retreats in the mountains of Georgia

Mountainous regions of Georgia are both challenging and relaxing place, where you can distract yourself from your daily routine and discover the new edge of self. It’s not just a nice sentence each media uses for description of a travel destination. It is real: even though our highlands are not that well groomed and broadly advertised as Alps or Himalayas, they offer you great authentic experien

Unseen Tbilisi: TV Tower

There are some places in Georgia, which are not attended by the tourists: either entrance is prohibited, or people just don't know those places exist. We decided to show you some. For example, each visitor to Tbilisi has seen our beautiful TV Tower, from where all the radio stations and TV channels used to broadcast. Now it is also a huge part of broadcasting system, but TV market development and

Summer Festivals in Georgia: stay tuned!

This summer Georgia is going to host several music festivals – for any taste, for any budget. Already this week, from 3rd to 7th of July, Tbilisi Open Air / Altervision brings several well known names as Zemfira, Placebo, Beth Hart and many others to the capital city of Georgia. You can get more information at their web page: Then, Tbilisi Summer Set (10 – 12th of July) will attract

Taste of Georgia: Ajara, Samegrelo, Svaneti

Going to Georgia, travelers usually prepare themselves to enjoy khachapuri, lobio, khinkali and, of course, a variety of meat barbecues, which are called "mtsvadi" in Georgian. Advanced experts in Georgian cuisine leave some free space in the stomach for pkhali, eggplants in walnut sauce, chakhokhbili and kharcho. However, our compact country has such a rich variety of regional dishes, that even i