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Wine routes of Georgia: Guria and Ajara

After a brief encounter with Kakheti, Mtskheta and Imereti our wine route turns to the real West. Guria and Ajara are not famous for wines at all. They had a lot of historical sorts of grapes, some of which were almost at the edge of extinction. Now the process of their restoration is going on, so more and more start establishing or re-establishing wineries and offering their guests authentic wine

Wine routes of Georgia: Mtskheta and Imereti

If you’ve heard something about Georgian wines, the first name which is usually mentioned is Kakheti. Sure, our biggest winemaking region deserves this attention, but we are the country of wine – it means, that grapes are growing all around Georgia, and we can offer much more amazing wineries to visit. We indicate the best ones with a brown shield WINE ROUTE, so if you travel around th

Wine routes of Kakheti and How to use them

While traveling around Georgia, you might see the light-brown shield with WINE ROUTE signage on them. Well, that was made by us, and the project is still going on. We have a map with decent wine-related placed put on it, so you might take it in an info center and travel by yourself. At the same time we understand, how irritating it may sound for you: here are dozens of wineries, go choose some and

Best summer hideaways of the Georgian mountains

Admit it: the closer summer approaches, the more you anticipate holiday time and escape from the sansara of daily responsibilities. Even if you are not an office worker, summer weather and nature and so appealing that you do your best to find several days to switch off from the routine. We decided to make up a list of several not overly popular places of Georgia, real natural hideaways, where you

Georgian festivals you shouldn’t miss this summer

Georgia used to be a place, where people used to come for folk dances and polyphonic music. Recently the musical scene started really expanding: you can listen to crazy variety of music arts, starting from top class performances in Tbilisi Opera to famous techno DJs coming to play at the seaside. Summer 2016 is going to please all the music lovers, because there will be so many things to listen an