Taste of Georgia: Ajara, Samegrelo, Svaneti

Going to Georgia, travelers usually prepare themselves to enjoy khachapuri, lobio, khinkali and, of course, a variety of meat barbecues, which are called "mtsvadi" in Georgian. Advanced experts in Georgian cuisine leave some free space in the stomach for pkhali, eggplants in walnut sauce, chakhokhbili and kharcho. However, our compact country has such a rich variety of regional dishes, that even i

EURONEWS: Warming to Tbilisi

In the first of our series exploring the sights and delights of Georgia, Georgian Life, we begin our journey in the country’s largest city and its capital Tbilisi. The stunning view from the hill above the city shows a patchwork of ancient and modern urban spaces, reflecting Tbilisi’s history from its foundation in the 5th century to the latest architectural achievements. “This is one

Last May Weekend in Tbilisi: What to Do?

Staying in Tbilisi? Got no plans for the last weekend of this spring? Here we are for you! With full understanding, that you might not know everything what happens in Tbilisi recently, we decided to make a short list of events happening for this weekend. The weather should be warm, so you can have a really good time! All the events are clickable. Friday, 29th of May: - Exhibition about

Boating Trip on Lake Paliastomi - Georgian Rainforest

Have you ever been in a tropical rainforest? I was not. Until now. Last weekend I travelled to lake Paliastomi with my friends. After about 4-5 hours driving from Tbilisi to west we arrived at Kolkhety National Park Visitor Centre in the city of Poti. Here we rented a boat and our trip began. There are several routes on the lake and we chose a Paliastomi-Pichori route which lasts approxi

The Land of Glaciers and Majestic Mountains

Svaneti is a land, where the mountains look upon you from all sides and every corner is capture-ready, literally. you must have your camera ready all the time, or you will miss some great shots. As you can see, winter and summer live together here. Proud and menacing, Ushba mountain towers above Svaneti. Village Jabeshi looks so tiny under mt. Ushba. Ushba, view form Gu