Sit back and relax - enjoy breathtaking views of Upper Svaneti!

Video Credit: Leonid Tilt

Khachapuri - Georgia's answer to Pizza

Munchies: Georgia’s Cheese Bread Might Be Better Than Pizza Georgia—the former Soviet republic in the Caucasus, not the American state—is famous in the West for its separatist conflicts fueled by Russia’s imperialist politics, the controversial leaders it has produced (Stalin, Shevardnadze, Saakashvili), its powerful mafia, and the death of one of its Olympic luge athletes at the 2010

Georgia's Dartlo village to become a heritage marvel, with World Bank support

Restoration of the Dartlo heritage village is a part of the Regional Development Project (RDP) focusing on the Kakheti region, east Georgia. It is financed by the World Bank (US$ 60 million), the Government of Georgia (US$ 15 million) and implemented by the Municipal Development Fund of Georgia (MDF). The objective of the project is to support the development of tourism-based economy and cultural

A 15-minute look back at Georgian Summer 2014. Share the love!

From Georgia with love. Credit: Gio Jobava

Meet Silvia Bettina - Another interesting story about backpack traveling through Georgia

Why Georgia?   After traveling solo through Iran and Armenia, I was excited to meet up with an old college friend in Georgia. I had heard amazing things about Georgia from other travelers and could not wait to explore the country, though sadly I only had one short week there. But while my exploration of Georgia was far from thorough, I did leave with one solid impression of the country: I