How do you set up Norton antivirus?

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    Thomaspatrickus 7 months ago

    It's quick to download, and anybody can do it by taking a few simple steps. First and foremost, you must ensure that you have a reliable internet service. A bad internet connection will also interrupt the uploading process in the centre, causing a number of problems. A stable internet connection is needed for smooth downloading. To complete the downloading process, link to the internet and follow the steps outlined below.


    Process to install Norton Setup


    * You must remove the installation file after installing it. Open the setup file by selecting the extraction option.

    * On your computer, go to the install option and press the Next button.

    * You can use your device's default installation method.

    * Follow the on-screen instructions and press the finish button to complete the process.

    * You have now completed the installation of Norton antivirus on your computer.

    * It will take a few minutes for the product to launch before you can use it.

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    Nori Kirisaki 2 months ago
    Hey Pal. thanks for the guide. can you share the installation guide for the MAC device of Norton and ?     
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