Overview of Capstone Projects

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    Tony Cox, Jr 8 months ago


    Capstone projects are articles that students need to write after spending an extended amount of time researching one particular subject for a course. In most cases, learners will write capstone project reports for undergraduate courses. In many senses, capstone projects are very similar to thesis projects and may also be the last document that a learner will write in order to graduate from a Master's program, depending on the unique definition used by a school or a professor. First, you may search for "I need help writing an essay for free" but let's try to find a solution.

    Project requirements

    Regardless of the definition of a final report, all students should take the same course in order to research and write the document. The first step is to understand the project requirements. In many cases with final reports, learners will not only need to research a topic in books and other printed materials, but students may also have to perform hands-on research, such as research through an internship or experiments.

    Research topic

    Once a student understands the requirements of the final report, the student sure be sure that he or she understands the topic that he or she will focus on throughout the capstone project. This is the topic that the learner will spend a great deal of time over the course of the semester researching.
    During the research for the final reports, students need to keep detailed journals of their discoveries. These journals will help learners to stay organized and remember what they have learned. These journals will also make the writing process easier and faster.

    Outline report writing

    Once the student has completed his or her research, the student should write an outline for the capstone project paper. The outline will provide a guideline that students need to follow as they complete their documents. The outline will also serve as the starting point to the actual writing.


    Only after a student has completed an outline for the capstone project report should the student actually begin to write the document. The report should have many drafts completed before the student turns it in for a grade. Therefore, students need to make sure that they allow plenty of time for edits. If there is no time, they go to free essay writing help online.


    While a capstone project is very similar to a Master's thesis, there is often a difference. In many cases, a capstone project is not just a paper; it is also an actual project that requires hands-on experience by the pupil. A master's thesis does not always require hands-on experience and often relies solely on research.
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