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    Jessie Smith 4 months ago

    Putlocker was a website that permitted millions of people to watch the most recent movies and television shows online. The Putlocker website launched in the United Kingdom in 2011. It received millions of visitors shortly after its publication. This, however, did not sit well with a number of organizations, as Putlocker encouraged movie piracy. As a result, the UK Court demanded that the site be taken down from the Internet. In May 2016, a website that was among the top 250 most viewed websites (according to Alexa Internet) was blocked. However, the ban was only brief, when hundreds of Putlocker proxy pages (or mirror sites) sprung up shortly after the UK Court decision. Putlocker proxy now has over 25 sites where you can watch the new movies and TV shows.


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    Shahzaib 4 months ago

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    Jaxson Peter 2 months ago

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