TPB proxy

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    Jessie Smith 4 months ago

    It's possible that you won't be able to use the Pirate Bay if you want to import something new. It's possible that the server is down for no apparent cause, but it's more likely that your access is being intentionally restricted. When the Pirate Bay is unavailable or unavailable, regardless of the app you are using, you can use one of the many mirror pages available around the globe. You must first receive a list of proxies from which you can link in order to locate the mirror or proxy location. If you search for TPB proxy lists, you'll find a lot of pages from which to download your files.


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    WillyCollins 1 week ago

    The mechanism has already been illustrated by other answers. DNS queries and web traffic are processed by the buy proxy server and its bandwidth is used. Proxy service IP is logged in webserver logs. This works acceptably for HTTP but breaks HTTPS security. Whoever manages the proxy can see all your traffic, cookies, and contents, including passwords. The webserver can still identify in many circumstances user real identity thru other techniques.

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