10 Most Exciting Photospots of Georgia

The bold facts show that every traveler is somehow eager to capture the moments of his trips to keep them for some time, if not forever. We understand this totally, and being settled in such awesome country as Georgia, we are more than happy that even an average picture from a trip to grandma's house can be a potential feature of the National Geographic. If you look for inspiration for you photo shootings, we will give you a couple of ideas. Being precisely, we will give you ten really epic spots, so that you friends, who have never been to Georgia, will be really jealous!

National Park of Tusheti

You will simply go crazy, as you'll find yourself above the clouds, see this pristine nature, lovely horses and old watchtowers in the villages, that live in summer only! Super photogenic.


Three colourful lakes Abudelauri, located in several km from the village Roshka, are so peaceful and picturesque, that you won't feel like leaving that place, but staring in the transparent waters…

Chaladi Glacier

Crispy air, high forest around and ice cold water storming out of big glacier. A great place for atmospheric shots!

David Gareja Monastery

...and then you'll say that you've been to Mars. Because the soil around David Gareja is dark red and yellowish, and if shot properly, it look really extraterrestrial!

Pedestrian Bridge of Anaklia

One of the longest in Europe, this bridge is really special for the small village Anaklia, famous basically for music festival GEM Fest and old fortress. Filming a sunset from the bridge is awesome

Tskaltubo Health Resort

Tskhaltubo is a resort town, where the infrastructure is developing, but many sanatories look like as if Stalin just left them couple of days ago. Go there for mineral waters and Soviet chic shootings.

Uplistsikhe Cave

Another extraterrestrial site of Georgia, the 2 million years old cave town is welcoming the guests and shows them all its spots of power. The views from Uplistsikhe are also fascinating.

Sataplia Cave and Nature Reserve

Magic of Jurassic nature and beautiful cave Sataplia will enchant you. Another bonus part of walking in the protected area is a panoramic spot with transparent floor. Breathtaking!

Kvareli Lake Resort

A lake surrounded by a small forest and mountains is a fantastic spot for photo shootings. Getting to this private resort for overnight, lunch or dinner is a good idea.

Rabati Castle

Fairytale? No, a real place. Renovated, but still full of stories of old times. After walking in the museum of regional history give in to sin of selfies and capturing the surrounding beauty!

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