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10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Georgia

Qoruldi Lakes Svaneti. On a high mountain plateau 3 small lakes slumber under the calm watch of surrounding snowy peaks. Photo credit: OutdoorUkraine This plateau is situated right above Mestia, the main town of Svaneti region. Reachable for 4x4 cars. Water is cold and murky, so swimming is not a good idea. Anyway the main beauty of this place are it's breathtaking panoramic views. Udziro

Racha - Georgian Switzerland

Author: Михаил Голубев The summer of 2013 I spent in Racha - a mountainous region of Georgia, which is not very well-known among travelers. When it comes to mountains in Georgia, first names that come to mind are Svaneti, Gudauri or Bakuriani. But this time, let me tell you of Racha. Detailed information about this land, it's maps, routes, etc, you can find in my LiveJournal. Af

Amazing photos of Tusheti National Park, Georgia

// >>Tusheti is a historic region in northeast Georgia. Located on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, Tusheti is bordered by the Russian republics of Chechnya and Dagestan to the north and east, respectively; and by the Georgian historic provinces Kakheti and Pshav-Khevsureti to the south and west, respectively. Wikimedie/ Paata Vardanashvili Wikimedie/ Paata Vardan

Georgia - amazingly beautiful and picturesque country

Russian traveler's photo blog about Georgia. Georgia - amazingly beautiful and picturesque country. We drove the entire length and breadth of the country; here are my best pictures.  Mount Kazbegi and Gergeti Trinity Church Monument of friendship   Tbilisi old town Tbilisi holy trinity cathedral The Bridge of Peace on the Mtkvari river, Tbilisi Shatili 4x4 rid