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Aleksandr Revva and Mikhail Galustyan

Aleksandr Revva and Mikhail Galustyan will come with an absolutely new program in Tbilisi!
On the 2nd October 2019, 20:00, on the stage of Tbilisi State Concert Hall, Mikhail Galustyan and Aleksandr Revva will present their joint project “Funny and even Funnier”. Guests will be met by time-tested acts, favorite stage images, and absolutely new sketches. The duo's trademark humor will not leave anyone indifferent: laughter and positive mood are guaranteed.
At this concert, you will get a tremendous charge of positivity, modern, sharp and active.
Powerful energy, explosive interaction of the duet and active work with the audience - all this is included in the evening program. You will plunge into the world of laughter, where there is no censorship and restrictions. These two popular artists will perform brightly, powerfully and positively. Excellent texts and very talented acting are intrinsic to Revva and Galustyan, because of this it is
always fun with them.
Petre Melikishvili 1, Tbilisi