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Lagodekhi Protected Areas

Lagodekhi Protected Areas are located 155 kilometers from Tbilisi in the extreme northeastern part of Georgia, in Lagodekhi municipality and include Lagodekhi Strict Nature Reserve and Lagodekhi Managed Reserve.

Lagodekhi Protected Areas can offer various complexity and different length routes for tourists. 5 marked and well-organized trails offer a wide variety of hiking, educational, horse riding, cultural, mashroom and deer tours on rich wild landscape of Lagodekhi Protected Areas. 600 meter nature interpretation path is arranged in the Administration yard especially for children.

At Lagodekhi Protected Areas you can explore Rocho and Ninoskhevi waterfalls, Machi fortress, Black Rock lake, blossoming Juliana primrose and Mlokosevich and Lagodekhi peony. Tourist season lasts all year around.

Visitor Center:  197 Vashlovani street, Lagodekhi

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