Family Holidays

Georgian winter is an attractive season for all: doesn’t matter if you are into relaxing or active vacation, enjoy either snow or dry warm weather. In any case you will find a good option for you and your family.

Ski resorts in Georgia boast with various kind of slopes and have different air. If you want to improve your children’s health and teach them skiing or snowboarding (or maybe learn it yourself), then you should head to Bakuriani, where the slopes are not steep and the air is saturated with smell of pines. This is one of the best places for children and families in any season, and winter is no exception.

Family excursions can be fascinating, if you go to Imereti, where you can find two interesting caves. In one of them, Sataplia, there are preserved dinosaur footprints! Isn’t it a great attraction for every curious child? 

The Black Sea coast is also attractive in its own way this season. Mild climate, winter sea, fresh fish, flavourful coffee Batumi style, evergreen Botanical Garden, trips to mountainous Ajara, cycling, sunsets on the coast... Start the new year like this could be a great idea! 

Tbilisi and Kakheti wine houses are always happy to welcome guests in the wintertime. There is no seasonality for things like hospitality, interesting stories, wine and good food. So come to Georgia this winter to warm up yourself and your family with these emotions!