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Racha is a historical and geographical region of Georgia and is characterised by the amazing diversity of its landscapes. One of the most immersive ways to get to know the mountains of Racha better is the three-day Likheti-Kelida-Shkedi hiking route.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti

How to Get to Kelida Glacier

The hiking route begins in the village of Likheti in the Ambrolauri Municipality with a simple path towards Kelida Pass. About 2.5 kilometres into the route, you’ll come to the ruins of Mechvreti Monastery, and, after climbing a small rise, you’ll reach a camping area with shepherd’s huts.

To reach Kelida Glacier, at a height of 3,036 metres above sea level, you’ll have to get to the crossroads, located 150 metres from the camp area. From there, take the left path towards Kelida, which will take you through Kelida Pass, towards some beautiful lakes, and finally to the village of Shkedi.

How Is the Likheti-Kelida-Shkedi Route?

The Likheti-Kelida-Shkedi route is not an especially physically demanding one, but less experienced hikers may prefer to take the route on horseback. It is advised to hire a guide to lead your trip, as the signs are occasionally lost in landslides or hidden by foggy weather.

You will come across many springs along the way, which may be used for drinking water, but it is better to take your own water with you. Keep in mind that avalanches can sometimes make the springs dirty.

There are many places to camp along the route, including caves and shepherd’s huts, but you should take a tent and sleeping bag with you.

What Will You See along the Way?

While traveling along the Likheti-Kelida-Shkedi hiking route, you will see the beauty of the mountains of Racha up close, pass by rivers and gorges, and encounter many kinds of trees and plants, birds, and animals.

If you are interested in skiing on untouched snow, then you can do that near Kelida Glacier.

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