Dry Bridge Flea Market – Best Place for Unique Souvenir Shopping in Tbilisi

Located in Tbilisi’s historic old town, 20 minutes walk from Freedom Square, Dry Market is the place, where you can buy literally every souvenir you ever dreamed of. Source: Megapass   Source: Econet Source: Econet Even more, alongside traditional, typical tourist trinkets you can encounter old military medals from WWII, old enamel, Soviet kitsch, handmade jewelry (sometimes very eye-catching and exquisite pieces), vintage cameras and many other stuff without much fuss. Source: Econet Source: yozhezavrik Here You can find original eastern European, Soviet, Georgian and even Armenian or Azerbaijani souvenirs. Source: Nadiin Source: Svetonebo Many pins and badges are waiting for you to choose and take home. Source: Salatau There are many oil paintings and watercolors, usually full of amazing, bright colors and cheerful spirit. Source: Megapass Source: Megapass   Photo credit: jackandjilltravel Rows of this market are very eye-catching. Source: Econet   Source: Svetonebo You may spend several hours just wandering and exploring from one to another, because you will never know, what another surprise is waiting for you at the next one. Source: Nadiin   Source: astrolabe.su Secondhand flotsam is also very common among the vendors. Source: yozhezavrik Source: yozhezavrik   You can see old Samovars, cameras, books, family photos, postcards, eyeglasses, playing cards and many other. Source: yozhezavrik   Source: yozhezavrik Also, there are sometimes absolutely unexpected things. Source:Nadiin So, next time in Tbilisi, you know where to go for shopping.

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