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Georgia is One of World’s Safest Destinations. Georgia is among those countries who started to fight against the spread of the virus at its earliest stage. Georgia went through numerous restrictions. Due to limitations we managed to keep positive statistics. Overall there have been 1487 cases from which 1240 have recovered cases than in the most affected European countries.

Georgia re-opened its borders for travelers from five countries, Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.  Government of Georgia is currently negotiating with other EU member states as to the further opening of the country’s borders. Citizens and residents of the above mentioned five countries will be able to visit Georgia only by direct flight. Before crossing the Georgian border, they must fill out a specially designed electronic form in which they must indicate their travel history of the previous 14 days before entering Georgia and where they are going to stay in the country. A 8-day quarantine will remain mandatory for those who have recently travelled to high-risk, non-EU member countries.

Covid-19 has significant effect on increased demand of remote working, therefore a lot of international and local companies switched to distance working setup, which appears to be an opportunity for various directions. Georgia has been successful to fight pandemics, ranked as “World’s one of the safest destinations”, thus Government of Georgia decided to capitalize on this and activate new project “Remotely from Georgia”. This project creates an opportunity for long-term visitors, such as Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Remote Workers and their families to come and stay in Georgia for up to an year.

This project states a steady step forward to our openness for the world, where Georgia can be a perfectly safe place to work from. Within the process of gradual opening, from July, Georgia started hosting business visitors and activated domestic tourism; From August we have been welcoming long-term visitors with their families willing to live and remotely work from the birthplace of wine – Georgia.

Entrepreneurs, business owners, those currently employed with distance work allowance from their employers, freelancers, youth or creative groups can enjoy Caucasus mountain views or hiking in our national parks and protected areas while searching for inspiration, celebrate success by sipping world’s famous Georgian wine made in clay pot and maybe gain extra KGs as food in Georgia is beyond tempting and tasty. This could be greatest opportunity to live and work from World’s safest destination, which also turns out to be one of the most exciting places to visit.

To support the project, Georgian government has developed a special platform, where all the applicants willing to come and live in Georgia, can go through a registration process and get a preapproval. The platform for submitting the applications is accessible from 27th of august.

Remotely from Georgia project is applicable for all travelers (up to 95 country nationals and residents. Such as US, EU, GcC countries, etc.) who could visit Georgia visa free and could stay in the country for up to an year, before pandemics. Relevantly, there will be no special visa category issued for travelers willing to remotely work from Georgia. They will just need to submit specially tailored application form and provide financial proof along with other requested information. After obtaining approval from Georgian Government, applicants and their families will be allowed to travel and work remotely from Georgia.

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