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The Misery

The misery

by E. Ninoshvili


The story by Egnate Ninoshvili “The Misery” reflects a difficult life of a young woman residing in a Georgian village. Although the story was written in the beginning of the 20th century, its theme is actual and relevant in today’s Georgia.

A family with solid financial means comprised of a mother, a daughter, and a son. An aunt, who is a matchmaker, finds a wife for a young man, the son of a family. He has never seen a woman he marries. After a wedding, the husband, the mother, and the sister start to criticize the new wife considering that they have made a mistake in choosing her. The situation becomes unbearable. It is exaggerated as the newly born child dies. The family blames the new wife, although she is innocent. The young woman is abused by the family. Her life becomes miserable and finally, she commits suicide.

The woman is unaware of her rights as an individual and absolutely helpless. She has no one to refer to or find support. The family and the village are trying to help in the means of individuals who are open-minded, the situation does not change. It is clear that her situation is due to the absence of mechanisms or institutions that can provide her with adequate support.

The story is written with a precise psychological analysis and provides excellent material and medium to produce a compelling psychological play.

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