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GEL 110



Journey through the planet B10

Journey through the planet B10 for kids interested in fun, learning and art. We have created the real adventure for your kids age of 8-14. You send drop the kid at our museums location 11:00. They are safe with us. We will spend 40 minutes in the Museum of Illusions. Then they will immerse themselves in the art of Holoseum - digital museum. After this, kids will attend the lecture in Meate Auditorium and during one hour will learn skills of emotional intelligence via game play. From Betlemi street they will drive through old Tbilisi to funicular and go up the Mtatsminda park. After delouse earthly food in Mtatsminda park they will attend 360 degree planetarium show and learn about the universe, and science of the world. Then they will have full hour of specially designed games with animators in the park. We will then all go to Experimentorium and have another hour of joy in a kid-friendly science museum featuring interactive exhibits about physics & chemistry , and rejoice with parents. The whole journey will be accompanied by responsible, professional teachers and guides to keep your kids safe and sound. Enjoy your day, while kids are in good hands...

Betlemi Str. 10, Tbilisi