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Many countries have ancient beginnings. But very few can, like Georgia, trace their history back nearly two million years. The discovery of 1.8 million year old remains in the hills just south of Tbilisi provides the missing link in human expansion between Africa and Europe. There are many reasons to come to Georgia, and gold is just one of them. Our museums and even stories are encased with gold: gold statues and figurines, belts and crowns from ancient tribes and peoples, like the Colchis. It was the Colchis, Georgia’s ancient people, who are widely believed to have inspired some of our most famous visitors: Jason and the Argonauts. According to legend, the Colchis owned a famous, superb Golden Fleece and Jason and the Argonauts were sent to claim it and bring it back to Greece. The fleece itself was probably inspired by the practice of sifting for gold in the high, fast flowing mountain rivers of Georgia by leaving a sheep’s fleece in the river overnight. When taken out of the river, hung from a tree and dried out, the gold can literally be brushed out. The whole story of Jason’s quest for the fleece and his meeting with the Georgian princess Medea, the famous sorceress daughter of Aeetes, King of Colchis, can still be enjoyed today in Homer’s The Odyssey.

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