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Hiking and Trekking

Getting away from it all is easy in Georgia. The most untouched nature in Europe is for true lovers of hiking and trekking. Whether you’re following ancient trails along lush river valleys, past ancient stone towers and castles or catching your breath on high altitude mountain paths, it is likely that you will be the only person for miles around. Many paths have been maintained over the centuries by locals dedicated to looking after their cattle and livestock, and with so many trails to choose from, your walk can be as challenging or as easy-going as you like. And what an experience. Marvel at the magnificent snowy peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, full of hidden valleys and glaciers. Lower down you come across more varieties of animals, birds and flowers than in any other European country. Wherever you walk, you’ll be sure of a warm welcome. Whether you choose to sit and drink some local wine, sample the delicious locally produced food or even stay overnight in the villagers’ homes, you’ll never be treated better.

For more information about hiking and tracking trails, created and way-marked by GNTA, please visit our official page on Wikiloc: https://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/user.do?id=3629695

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