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National Geographic published another article about Georgia. One of the most popular magazines in the world wrote a lot about Georgian cuisine, folklore, ancient architecture and popular destinations. The author underlines the peculiarities of Svaneti, the region where the highest settlement in Europe, Ushguli, is located. There are even parallels between mountains in Georgia and Switzerland. Besi

BBC: Mestia airport among The 10 most beautiful airports in the world

  Mestia is a small ski town, 1,500m up in the Caucasus mountains in northwest Georgia and its churches and forts form a Unesco World Heritage site.   (J Mayer H Architects) The bizarre new airport terminal – in the guise of an extruded square steel and glass section bent into three improbable directions – is the work of the German artist and architect Jurgen Mayer-Herma

SOBEDESNIK.RU: Batumi - European city with Georgian charm

Photo: Маша Нестерова Batumi - a Europen city with a Georgian distinctive colour, with this title the Russian online journal "" published yet another article about Georgia. According to the author, for the previous generation, 20-30 years ago, Batumi is associated with the Soviet naval city, but in recent years the city was completely changed and renovated to European publishes articles and blogs about Georgia

In Georgia, it is necessary not only to enjoy nature and architecture, but moreover learn how Georgians love their country and the city, writes Evgeniy Vetsko, a columnist for the magazine  Korrespondent,frm the №35 edition, September 5, 2014. Read more:

GQ.RU reviews Tbilisi

Holiday in Tbilisi - is similar to visiting a magical tourist deli, where there is almost everything except of the sea. But cozy vintage streets, green fields and museum type spas make up for the lack of the seacoast. Read more: GQ.RU