How can I get an entry visa to Georgia?

You can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or visit the web site

What is the cost of travel to Georgia?

Tourists with middle income and those who want a high class vacation can travel to Georgia to find an offer for their budget.

Winter and summer activities?

You can visit ski resorts in Georgia where you can try various kinds of winter sports, and in summer you can relax at the seaside and attend big music festivals and the coastal resorts.

Where can we have fun in Georgia?

There are lots of entertainment places in Georgia such as theaters, museums, night clubs, restaurants, bars and lots of other places where you can get entertained. There is also a number of musical, cinematographic and arts event throughout the year.

Where I can get transport schedule?

You can get a schedule of the different transport means on the following web pages: Тbilisi Transport Company, Georgian Railway, Аirport Tbilisi, Аirport Batumi, Аirport Kutaisi.

List of the most historical sites in Georgia?

There are lots of historical sites in Georgia, you can see some of them here: Heritage Sites

Where can I see the general information on Georgia

You can get this kind of information here: About Georgia

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