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Hunting and Fishing

Georgia has an impressive diversity of fauna that makes this country attractive for Big Game as well as Small Game Hunters. Georgia is an important migration point for birds, passing through the border, which according to the season is a great opportunity to hunt more, than thirty different species of birds. When it comes to hunting activities of other animals and birds, there are specially located hunting farms allowing hunting across different parts of Georgia. Also Georgian lakes and rivers boast with variety of fish species. Major ones are trout, common carp, vendace, chub, crucian carp, silver carp, bighead carp and barbel. The best places for fishing are Paliastomi and Paravani lakes, Tkibuli and Shaori reservoirs, Black Sea coast of Samegrelo region, especially Anaklia. In Alazani and Aragvi rivers you can catch catfish and carp. There are also fish farms near Kutaisi and Kazbegi, and lake resorts Lopota and Kvareli, where you are charged for fishing, but you can also rent the equipment there, and be sure that your catch is guaranteed!

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