4 Seasons in Georgia

4 Seasons in Georgia

Did you know that at the intersection of Europe and Asia, at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, on the shores of the Black Sea, there is a small country called Georgia?
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This is a place boasting a rich history, exceptional nature, life-changing adventures, as well as mouthwatering cuisine.

Perhaps if you are reading this, you already decided to come to Georgia, but you’re not sure when. Don’t worry, you can’t go wrong as Georgia is the kind of country where you can spend a memorable time in the spring, summer, fall, and winter.


This country explodes with green colors in spring, starting a new cycle of the seasons' wheel. The ancient Georgian historical monuments located on the mountains and in the valleys look spectacular all year round, but they take on a sublime appearance as the plants and flowers around them start to blossom. 

Above the ancient capital of Mtskheta, gazing down from Jvari Monastery upon the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi Rivers, where the unique Svetitskhoveli Church stands, is an untold pleasure. Elsewhere, you can visit cities that are carved into cliffs, Uplistsikhe and Vardzia, or travel to the semi-desert and take inspiration from the unfathomable architecture of the Davit Gareji Monastery or Natlismtsemeli Complex. Meanwhile, you will be fascinated by the frescos of the Gelati and Bagrati Cathedrals. 

There are more than 1,000 significant historical monuments in Georgia, and it is an endless joy to wander through the nature of Georgia, including its deciduous, pine, alpine, and subtropical forests. Meanwhile, with more than 90 lakes and around 60 waterfalls, those who love hiking are in for a genuine adventure. 


The natural settings and historical monuments of Georgia on hot days of summer are of course unforgettable. Still, most shrewd tourists tend to cool down in the mountainous delights of Svaneti, Tusheti, Khevsureti, and Upper Ajara. 

Hikers can scale Kazbegi, Ushba, and Tetnuldi, while those looking for something more cozy can wander into the staggering caves of Prometheus, Sataplia, and Tetra. Overall, there are about 30 caves in Georgia and more than 26,000 rivers, many of which are suitable for rafting or kayaking.

Of course, those looking to party will head to the Black Sea in summer, where there are resorts aplenty. Family holidays are also immensely popular at this time of year in Batumi and the surrounding towns and villages.


Fall in Georgia is many people’s favorite time of year to visit Georgia. In particular, its mountains and valleys awash with red and yellow colors are incomparable. The temperature is usually warm and comfortable making all regions and their forests, lakes, waterfalls, and caves a glorious experience to visit.

Georgia in the fall season has a unique feeling of abundance. This is perhaps best sampled by partaking in the grape harvest, picking off a bunch of ripe grapes with your hand, placing them in the wine press, pressing them, and eventually of course tasting a new wine. Then, after you can learn how churchkhela is made, you will have a Georgian fall to remember.


Since winter in much of Georgia is not largely characterized by heavy snow or biting winds, this can also be an amazing time to visit. 

Of course, there is plentiful snow at the  European-style winter resorts of Gudauri, Mestia, Town Bakuriani, and Goderdzi, where you can ski on and off-piste, go snowboarding, take a ski tour, or even go heliskiing or paragliding. A whole world of adventure awaits. 

At every such resort, there are contests and tournaments that you can take part in. Complementing all of these attractions and activities is of course the delicious Georgian cuisine, offering a gastronomic revelation any time of year. 

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