Okatse Canyon – Imereti’s Green Nature Monument

Okatse Canyon – Imereti’s Green Nature Monument

Imereti region is famous for its lush greenery, dramatic limestone cliffs and plentitude of water - rivers, streams and lakes. Okatse Canyon is a perfect example of this.

Two kilometers long and ranging in width from three to sixteen meters, its depth fluctuates between twenty and one hundred meters. Within the canyon you’ll find the meandering river, hidden glittering lakes, cascading waterfalls, and greenery-draped cliffs, all against the backdrop of soaring mountains.

You can experience all of this beauty by walking along a woodenwalkway that hangs over the canyon floor. The 780-meter-long path offers visitors a thrilling way to experience the canyon’s beauty, finishing at a panoramic viewpoint complete with a Smart Selfie Apparatus to ensure you get the perfect photo for your social media.

Reaching Okatse Canyon is quite easy, as it is close to the village of Zeda Gordi - approximately fifty kilometers from Kutaisi. There are minibuses and private cars you can take in order to get there.

From the visitor’s center to the hanging walkway, you can follow the footpath and enjoy a half-hour walk through the mist-shrouded forest or, if you are in a hurry take a 2-kilometer drive.

Inside the canyon, there is also a hidden spot called Boga - it’s a small lagoon where you can enjoy calmness and the sensation of cool water on your tired feet.

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