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Sabaduri Forest

For centuries, Georgia's diverse natural beauty has always amazed and enchanted visitors to the country. One of its many extraordinary wonders is Sabaduri Forest, which offers a truly unique experience.

Where is Sabaduri Forest?

Sabaduri Forest is located in Georgia’s southern central region of Mtskheta-Mtianeti, around the ancient Georgian capital Mtskheta and Tianeti municipality. Notably, this broad and beautiful forest is part of Tbilisi National Park, the country’s first such park.

What should we know about Sabaduri Forest?

Sabaduri Forest spans an area of 5,125 hectares, and it is mainly composed of beech and oak trees, as well as numerous species of mushrooms. From the animal kingdom, inhabitants of this forest include foxes, wolves, and deer. Meanwhile, from a human perspective, Sabaduri Forest has everything you could ever want to relax in a serene and charming natural setting. In addition to the natural majesty, there are picnic tables,  camping spots, and information boards.

All year round, the beauty of Sabaduri Forest can be enjoyed In fall, as the leaves change color, the forest becomes especially alluring and picturesque. Meanwhile, in winter, the dustings of snow turn the forest into a wonderland fit for fairytales.

The origin of the name of the forest itself is another part of its charm. According to legend, there was once a thriving village deep in the forest, where people lived very happily. The village was called "Sabaduri," which in Georgian is associated with happiness. Over time, this once-bustling settlement became deserted, however the forest has retained its name.

How to get to Sabaduri Forest

Thankfully, a visit to this wondrous forest is blissfully simple as it lies only around 20 kilometers from the capital city of Tbilisi. To get there, as soon as you exit Tbilisi from the north, instead of taking the Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze Highway, turn onto the Tbilisi-Tianeti Highway. This road takes you past various noteworthy places such as Mamkoda and Tskhvarichama, while. Sabaduri Forest can be entered from the village of Ghulelebi.

Ultimately, Sabaduri Forest is one of Georgia’s most outstanding natural treasures you must visit whatever the season may be. Without question, its magic and natural splendor will captivate your heart.

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