The Mtskheta-Mtianeti region is one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia. At the very heart of Georgia, this region is an all-season tourist attraction, with popular summer and winter destinations including the historic town of Mtskheta, the alpine resort Gudauri, the proud peak of Kazbegi (Mkinvartsveri) Mountain, Truso and Dariali Gorges, as well as the Pshav-Khevsureti and Kazbegi National Parks. Some of Georgia’s most important historic, cultural, and natural monuments can be found within this region. Split in two by the Caucasus Mountains, the region is connected by the breathtaking Jvari Pass, and includes the municipalities of Mtskheta, Dusheti, Tianeti, and Kazbegi.
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The administrative center of the region and Georgia’s oldest capital, Mtskheta is now considered a city museum. Settlements both in and around Mtskheta date back to the ancient past, and it was in Mtskheta that Georgia became a Christian nation at the beginning of the 4th century CE. The first Orthodox church was built here, and a number of local landmarks - Jvari Monastery, Samtavro Monastery, and Svetitskhoveli Church - are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The largest municipality in the region, Dusheti is home to many unique historical monuments such as the 16th - 18th-century Ananuri Fortress Complex, Bodorna Church, and Mchadijvari Church.  The Dusheti Historical Museum also preserves the rich cultural artifacts of this region.

In addition to its historic significance, Dusheti is also home to the beautiful Abudelauri and Bazaleti Lakes; the four Aragvi Rivers – the Mtiuleti (White) Aragvi, the Gudamakari (Black) Aragvi, the Khevsureti Aragvi, and the Pshavi Aragvi; the Pshav-Khevsureti National Park, with fabulous landscapes and natural formations such as the Roshka Rocks and Tanie Lake; and villages with a cultural heritage dating back to the Middle Ages – Shatili, Mutso, Ardoti, Khakhabo, and more. 


The Iori River flows through Tianeti, feeding Sioni Reservoir - a popular summer getaway for Georgians from all walks of life.

Visitors can learn more about the history of Tianeti with a visit to the Tianeti Local Museum, where artifacts from the Bronze Age through until the late Middle Ages are on display. A particularly significant monument in the region is the ancient Bochorma Fortress Complex, whose construction date is unknown, but is estimated to have been built no later than the 10th century.

The journey from Tbilisi to Tianeti is a remarkable one, as your drive will take you through the picturesque Sabaduri Forest. The forest is especially beautiful in snowy winter months when you’ll pass through tunnels of snow frozen to the branches of trees. It’s absolutely magical.


After Tbilisi and Batumi, Kazbegi is one of Georgia’s most popular tourist destinations. Set high in the mountainous region in the nation’s north, Kazbegi’s breathtaking landscape, abundant rivers and lakes, and quaint villages make it a charming destination.

Kazbegi is most famous for its picturesque surroundings. The snow-capped Caucasus Mountains, the severe beauty of the “Northern Gateway” of Dariali Gorge, the lovely valleys of Truso, Arkhmo, and Khada, and an abundance of rivers, lakes, streams, and waterfalls all make this one of the most photo-friendly places you’ll ever see.

Notable tourist attractions in Kazbegi include the mountain village of Stepantsminda, the quaint village of Sno, and Juta, one of the highest-altitude settlements in Georgia (Caucasus). In winter, the country’s premier ski resort Gudauri, is also a popular destination.

Kazbegi is also home to upwards of fifty historical monuments, including churches and caves. The region’s main place of worship is the picture-perfect 14th-century Gergeti Trinity Church, the beauty of which is only enhanced by the glorious Kazbegi Mountain (5054m) that watches over it.


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