Sataplia Cave and Nature Reserve – Discover Dinosaur Tracks

Sataplia Cave

Where in the world can you see the tracks of the Satapliasaurus, a dinosaur in the same family as the Tyrannosaurus Rex? In Georgia’s Sataplia Nature Reserve, of course!

Located just seven kilometres from Kutaisi, this nature reserve and karst cave complex became famous when Kutaisi teacher and naturalist, Petre Chabukiani, found the footprints of the Satapliasaurus during his search for evidence of primitive man.

As a result of his discovery, the Sataplia Nature Reserve was established here in 1935, built around the tracks and an impressive karst cave that was carved out by the Oghaskura River over 30 million years.

Visitors can expect to not only see the famous dinosaur footprints, but also wander in the beautiful Colchian forest, take in panoramic views, explore the mysterious caverns of the cave, and hike through the park. Outfitted with an exhibition hall, cafes, souvenir shops, and signposted hiking trails, Sataplia Cave & Nature Reserve is the perfect place for a family day trip.

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