Beaches of Georgia Black Sea

Beaches of Georgia Black Sea

Out of the 81 seas in the world, why should you choose to spend summer vacation at the Black Sea? Out of the six countries on the shores of the Black Sea, why should you choose Georgia, the smallest one? The answer is simple: This small seaside zone is the perfect destination for relaxation and adventure.
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The Beaches of Ajara

If you want to go on a calm family vacation while enjoying the coziness of the green mountain regions along the shores of the Black Sea, go to one of Ajara’s resorts, Sarpi, Kvariati, or Gonio. 

With the beautiful subtropical climate, pristine sea, mountains, and well-developed tourist infrastructure, rest and recover from a whirlwind of adventures. Take a trip under the sea in Kvariati, one of the best places in Georgia for diving.

If you want the hustle and bustle of resort life, head to Batumi, the capital of Ajara, only a few kilometers away. In a single day, you can get a tan, sail the seas on a yacht, conquer the waves while surfing, and paraglide with seagulls.

The nightlife in Batumi is active with well-outfitted beachside boulevards, European squares, high-class world-brand hotels, restaurants, various festivals, and brightly-lit casinos.

If you’re seeking a subtropical paradise, visit Tsikhisdziri, Mtsvane Kontskhi (Green Cape) or Chakvi. The emerald-colored sea is clean and surrounded by rare plants. You’ll feel like you’re in a romance movie after watching the sunset, strolling along avenues with subtropical plants, and tanning.

The Kobuleti climatic resort deserves special recognition, as its pine groves are a source of natural antibiotics. When people talk about Kobuleti, along with its beach and clean sea, they always mention its famous pine grove.

Don’t forget to try Ajarian food after you soak up the sun.

The Magnetic Sands of Guria

After a few kilometers of rocky beaches in Ajara, it starts turning into the not-so-normal sandy beaches of Guria. The five-kilometer-long shore of Ureki and Grigoleti is covered with therapeutic gray and black sand containing magnetite. 

The magnetic sands of Ureki and Grigoleti are the best way to treat heart, lung, and muscular system problems. Just by lying on the heated sands, you feel invigorated.

The Old and New Beaches of Samegrelo

Maltakva, one of the suburbs of Poti, in Samegrelo, has long been considered a beach area that vacationers go to for a calmer vacation. 

Recently, Anaklia and Ganmukhuri, on the western shores of Georgia, have become more popular. Not only have the newer resorts become popular, but also some of the most environmentally-conscious places on the shores of the Black Sea in Georgia. The climate is dry and temperate, unlike in Batumi, Sarpi, and Kobuleti. 

The longest footbridge in Europe, built over the Enguri River, lies between Anaklia Resort and Ganmukhuri, and is a must-visit once you are there.

No matter what kind of vacationer you are, there’s a perfect spot for you along the shores of the Black sea.

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