Green Lake

At an altitude of 2058 meters above sea level, 116 km away from Batumi and 6 km from Goderdzi Pass, a beautiful green lake is shimmering in a mixed forest. It is this dense forest and environment that gives the lake its bright green color.

The lake is fed by mountain springs, and therefore, its green water is ice-cold, so many do not dare to swim in it. The lake is also quite deep - it reaches 19.4 meters in the deepest part.

If you decide to visit the Green Lake, choose spring, summer or the first half of autumn. At other times of the year, everything here is covered with a lot of snow, including beautiful picnic areas, where you can have a really good rest.

Camping, boats, water bikes - all this will be found on site. So if you’re looking for an opportunity to recharge and escape the urban chaos, Green Lake in Ajara is a great option.

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