Weather and Seasons

What do you first think of when you plan your trip? The weather!

So, what are the weather and seasons like in Georgia? Here, over the surface of 69,700 square kilometers of land, there is almost every type of climate zone, from humid subtropical to permanently snowy, glacial zones. 


In Kakheti, there are both subtropical and steppe climates and the region consists of semi-arid, plain, and subalpine areas. 

The famous Alazani Valley as well as Gare Kakheti have similar climate - moderately subtropical.

Winter average temperature: around 0°C

Summer average temperature: 23 to 25°C.



The temperatures in the seaside area and high-mountain areas of Ajara are radically different from each other. The seaside has a subtropical climate, where the winters are warm and the summers are hot. 

Temperature from December to March: 4 to 6℃

Summer temperature: 22 to 24℃

Mountainous areas (sub-alpine zone) temperatures: 2 to 3℃ and warms up to 17 to 21℃ in the summer.



The lowlands of Apkhazeti, located on the shore of the Black Sea, are characterized by a humid, seaside, subtropical climate with warm winters and hot summers. 

Winter temperature: > 6℃

Summer temperature: 24.5℃. 

The mountainous area of the region is characterized by a humid climate, cold winters, and warm summers. The temperature falls to -9 to -10℃, and more than 10℃ in summer. 







Guria is divided into two parts according to its natural conditions: the valley and the mountain. The lowlands are characterized by a humid subtropical climate, moderately hot summers, and fairly cool winters.

Average winter temperature: 4.8℃

Summer average temperature: 22.3℃. 

The minimum temperature is -19℃, and the maximum is 41℃.


Kvemo Kartli

Kvemo Kartli is located on the borders of semi-arid, dry subtropical, and high-mountain alpine zones. In the valley, there is a humid subtropical and subtropical/continental climate. In the mountain region, the climate is moderately humid, while around Tsalka it transitions from moderately humid to dry subtropical. 

Average yearly temperature: 15.3°C

January average temperature: 4°C

July-August average temperature: 25.2°C.



Racha-Lechkhumi is characterized by long winters and short summers. However, the climate is rather more severe in Zemo (Upper) Racha. 

Winter temperature fluctuation: -12℃ to -18℃. 

Summer average temperature: 20.4℃. 

Winter average temperature: -0.3℃

August minimum: 22℃







In Samachablo (so-called South Ossetia), there is a moderately humid climate with moderately cold winters and long, warm summers. 

Average yearly temperature: 9.6°C.

January temperature can fall to -1.6°C

Starting from July, throughout the summer, between 20.3° and 30°C. 



Both the proximity of the sea and the mountains affect the humid subtropical climate of Samegrelo. 

Average winter temperature (low-lying): 6 to 7℃

Summer average temperature: >22℃

Winter in the mountainous area: 0℃  



Zemo and Kvemo Svaneti have a humid climate. The winters are long and cold, while the summers are short, warm, and sometimes hot. 

Average temperature as low as -6.4℃

Summer maximum temperature: > 35℃ has been recorded.







A mountainous part of Kakheti, Tusheti is one of the most beautiful, highlands of Georgia, whose territory is spread out from about 2,000 to about 4,500 meters above sea level. The winters here last for five to six months. 

Average temperature: 3 to 8°C and warms up to 15 to 30°C in July and August.



In most of Samtskhe-Javakheti, the winters are cold and long, and the temperature often falls below 0℃, on average up to -4℃. 

Summer temperature fluctuation: 15 and 30℃

The winter is most severe on the Javakheti Plateau, where an absolute minimum temperature of -40℃ has been recorded. 



In Imereti, the climate is humid and subtropical. The winters are cold, and the summers are comparatively drier and hotter. 

January average temperature: 2.5℃

Summer maximum temperature: 38 to 40℃








Mtskheta-Mtianeti is well-known for its diverse geographical location and various climate conditions, which includes the regions of Khevi, Ertso-Tianeti, Pshavi, Khevsureti, Mtiuleti, Gudamakari, and parts of Ksniskhevi. 

In the lowlands, the climate is moderately humid. The winters are cold and the summers are long and hot. 

January temperature: < 0℃

Summer temperature: > 22℃. 

Up in the mountains, where spring starts late, and autumn starts early, it falls between -12℃ to -18℃. 



Shida Kartli

The climate in Shida Kartli is moderately warm and very dry in some places.

Summer maximum temperature: 22°C to 40°C. 

Winter temperatures: 1°C

Average precipitation throughout the year is 330 to 760 mm.




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