Summer Adventures

Georgia's summer season is a time of abundant activity and adventure, brimming with opportunities for exploration and excitement. Along the coast, visitors can enjoy the charm of seaside cities and the relaxation of beachfront resorts. Meanwhile, adrenaline seekers can revel in a range of extreme sports activities that will get their hearts racing. And for those who prefer a slower pace, amateur hiking trails offer a chance to connect with nature and take in the stunning beauty of Georgia's landscape.

An Unforgettable Summer
In Georgia

Visit the high-mountain regions of Georgia, such as Mestia, Tusheti, Khevsureti, Upper Adjara,
and others in the summertime. Hike up Mkinvartsveri, Ushba, and Tetnuldi, and head down 
into the Sataplia, Prometheus, and Tsona caves. There are more than 26,000 rivers and most are
suitable for rafting and kayaking. Explore the shores of the Black Sea in summer,
where fun vacationers frolic and relax. Enjoy time with your family or friends.

Top Places

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