Prometheus Cave - Nature’s Gift to Adventurous Travelers

Prometheus Cave

Georgia is a country of beautiful landscapes and amazing nature, but there is a sight which truly stands apart from other natural monuments – an underground cave lit with colourful lights, whose waterfalls, lakes, stone curtains, helictites, needle-like anthodites, and other unique formations you will never forget. This is Prometheus Cave, visited by more than 200,000 people every year.

Where is Prometheus Cave Located?

Prometheus Cave is a 60 to 70-million-year-old karst cave near the village of Kumistavi, about forty kilometres from Kutaisi. The cave is forty metres deep, 1.8 kilometres in length, and has an average width of seven meters.

What will You See in Prometheus Cave?

Prometheus Cave has twenty-two caverns of various sizes within it, six of which are open to tourists: The Cavern of the Argonauts, Kolkhetian Cavern, Medea’s Cavern, The Cavern of Love, Prometheus’ Cavern, and the Iberian Cavern.

The walking path through the caves is just under 1.5 kilometres in length, with a boat section measuring 380 metres. The boat journey is especially thrilling, as it is accompanied by atmospheric music, and the route is illuminated by mysterious lights. It feels like crossing the mythological river Styx.

The caves are home to nineteen species of aquatic plants and up to forty species of insects, invertebrates, and molluscs. Skull fragments and fossils of a cave bear, starfish, molluscs, and other animals from the Cretaceous Period have been found within the cave.

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