Tsalka Canyon Natural Monument

Tsalka (Dashbashi) Canyon

This easily-accessible canyon is renowned for its many small waterfalls spread like a silver curtain on its steep rocks.
Kvemo Kartli

Tsalka (Dashbashi) Canyon is a natural monument, located in Algeti National Park, which is equally beautiful in winter and summer.

In southern Georgia, in Tsalka, in the Khrami River Gorge, at 1200-1500 meters above sea level, in the vicinity of the village of Dashbashi, on a lava plateau, there is a gorge different from the others. The road to the canyon is short, and the length of the gorge itself is 8 kilometers. Along this road, there are various intriguing sections for those who love adventures and hiking.

In the summer season, many people visit Georgia. Tsalka (Dashbashi) Canyon attracts about 10,000 visitors per month.

In summer, the average temperature in these places is +16 degrees, and in winter, when the temperature drops to -6, the waterfall freezes, creating a fabulous natural sight.

The closest large settlement to the natural monument is the city of Tsalka. From here, it is 4 kilometers to the village of Dashbashi, and it is 0.5 kilometers from the center of the village to the canyon.

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