Art Gallery Vake

Art Gallery Vake

In recent years, Tbilisi’s exhibition halls and art galleries have experienced an explosion of popularity. International tourists are discovering the unique beauty of Georgian modern art in places such as Art Gallery Vake, located at Irakli Abashidze Street 47.

What Will You See at Art Gallery Vake?

Art Gallery Vake was founded by Ekatarine Reisner in 2015. This small but pleasantly cozy space is a haven of quiet in the otherwise bustling Vake district of the capital.

The gallery displays only originals and unique objects, showcasing some of the best in Georgian modern art.

If you spot a piece you fall in love with, you’ll be able to purchase the works displayed for your own private collection. The gallery is set up to provide clients with all of the necessary documentation to verify the work’s authenticity and ensure its safe transit back to your home country.

Since 2015, more than 60 personal, mixed, and thematic exhibits have been held at Art Gallery Vake, and there is always something new and amazing on display.

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