Batumi Dolphinarium

Batumi Dolphinarium

The residents of the Batumi Dolphinarium entertain visitors six days a week (except Mondays), rain or shine.

Why Should You Visit Batumi Dolphinarium?

Shows featuring ten dolphins are performed in both English and Georgian, in which you’ll see the dolphins perform up to thirty tricks such as dances, games with rings and balls, balancing, and the popular “Foot Push” - where the dolphins splash water with their noses.

The Batumi Dolphinarium opened in 1975 as a demonstration aquarium, and was the first site of its kind in the entire Soviet Union. At the time of its construction, it was also one of the largest dolphinariums in the world.

While the Dolphinarium closed in the 1990s, its doors were reopened to visitors on May 6th, 2011. The renovated dolphinarium can accommodate up to 795 spectators in its ampitheatre.

In addition to its dolphins, the Dolphinarium also houses an extensive collection of aquatic life, including more than 100 species of fish, such as Amazon piranhas, cichlids, Japanese carp, and more!

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