Batumi’s Miracle Park

Batumi’s Miracle Park

Miracle Park is an open space built on Batumi’s seaside boulevard, leading to rare examples of modern architecture and sculptures.

What will you see at “Miracle Park”?

Only in Batumi and only in "Miracle Park" you find:

Anbani Tower (Alphabet Tower) - a 130-meter iron structure surrounded by 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet, with a structure representing a DNA strand;

The sculpture of Ali and Nino, the characters of Kurban Said’s eponymous novel - an 8-meter iron sculpture of man and woman who gravitate toward each other, unite as one, pass through each other, move away, and begin moving towards each other again.

Panoramic Wheel - a 55-meter Ferris Wheel that has a bird's-eye view of Batumi;

Batumi Lighthouse - a 21-meter-high lighthouse built in 1882 by a Parisian company;

The statue of Mikheil D'Alphonse, comfortably sitting on the chair - this gardener made a significant contribution to the development of Batumi Boulevard;

Sculptures: "Woman on a bicycle", "Sculpture in love", "Me, you and Batumi", "Dolphins", "Venus with angels", "Butterfly", "Parent with a carriage", "Declaration of Love", "Upside down boy", "Snail", “Inspiration", "Seedlings" and many others.

During the busy tourist season, various concerts and festivals are held in the Miracle Park.

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