Borjomi Cable Car

Borjomi Cable Car

Borjomi is an amazing place for relaxation, mountain sports, hiking, and getting to know more about Georgia’s centuries-long history. One of the popular attractions in the city is the Borjomi Cable Car, which is a symbol of the city that offers an unparalleled views of historic Borjomi Park, and the verdant forest that surrounds it.

What Do You Need to Know about the Borjomi Cable Car?

Running since 1962, the cable car connects the popular tourist attraction of Borjomi Park with one of the highest points in the mountains surrounding it. The cable car provides you with a stunning view of the whole city, the park, Borjomi Valley, the Borjomula River, and the distant meadows. You’ll want to have your camera ready!

The Borjomi Cable Car can transport up to 25 people at one time, covering a distance of 376 meters. 

What Will You See on Borjomi Plateau?

A Ferris wheel surrounded by pine forest is the most noticeable landmark atop the plateau, affording a pretty spectacular view of the city below. You’ll also find a small church from the Middle Ages, and a quaint cafe serving authentic Georgian cuisine, beer, wine, and other refreshments.


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