The garden in the center of Kutaisi, which the locals refer to as "Boulevard", is more than 170 years old and is the second oldest in Transcaucasia, after Mushtaidi Park in Tbilisi.

What Kutaisi Boulevard has to offer

The garden has a lengthy history dating back to 1820, when Darejan, the daughter of the king of Imereti, owned it. Since the 19th century, the boulevard has been a significant part of public life in Kutaisi. Nobles would gather to discuss a range of topics and shape public opinion. The boulevard "began to resemble the parliament," according to writer and public figure, Akaki Tsereteli.

Kutaisi boulevard features some of the most unique species of flora, for example, the European yew, Hyperion (the tallest growing tree in the world), Japanese Plum Yew, and many more. Monuments of notable public figures are displayed, including those of Akaki Tsereteli, Zakaria Paliashvili, Ishkhneli Sisters, and the April 9th memorial. 

All boulevard visitors can now access free wi-fi and a charging station thanks to the efforts of Kutaisi's city hall. Sporting events are aired on tv and regular concerts and performances are organized in the garden.

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