Mziuri park

Mziuri park

Mziuri recreational park is an oasis in the center of Tbilisi, a few meters from the busy Chavchavadze avenue. The park charms visitors with its pleasant environment, coziness, and abundance of plants.

What will you see in Mziuri park?

The territory's attractions include a well-maintained forest with walking and cycling paths, an artificial lake, an amusement park, a sports complex, a skatepark, playgrounds, recreation areas, and rare trees.

The idea for the park is credited to the famous Georgian writer Nodar Dumbadze, who dreamed of building a "Georgian Disneyland" in the Vera river valley. The park was opened in 1982 and was intended to welcome children with story depictions from his works.

There is a charity cafe inside the park, where guests can enjoy Georgian and international dishes. The profit from the cafe is spent entirely on the improvement and maintenance of the park. From time to time performances and other events are held on the amphitheater stage in the center of the park.

Locals mainly go to Mziuri to take their children out on a walk. The fresh air, the opportunity to sunbathe, and the perfect environment for reading a book in nature are enjoyed by all. The infrastructure of the park is adapted for people with disabilities.

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