Tbilisi Zoological park

Tbilisi Zoological park

Almost a century old, the Tbilisi Zoological Park has always placed importance on keeping up with global environmental affairs. The preservation and safety of some of the rarest species of animals have always been the top priority.

What Will You See at Tbilisi Zoo?

Zoo employees take care of animals from all over the world, such as the hippopotamus, Indian elephant, the rarest type of white lion, white rhinoceros, and Caucasian panthers. In total, the zoo has more than 800 animals and 300 different species.

The zoo has a diverse collection of birds such as pheasants, eagles, peacocks, and parrots. The exotarium has colorful fish, poisonous constrictor snakes, and reptiles.

Meet endemic species unique to Georgia such as mountain goats, wild goats, chamois, deer, roe deer, Colchian pheasant, Caucasian grouse, and Caucasian snowcock.

Nowadays, the zoo focuses on the conservation of red deer, wild goats, and the West-Caucasian ibex. They breed them to then return the species to the wild.

If you love the animal world, visit the Tbilisi Zoo, open year-round. There are souvenir shops, a cafe, and an amusement park. Spend the whole day out in the wild in the city center.

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