Painters Market

Painters Market

If you visit Tbilisi, visit the unofficial art market of paintings - the Garden of Artists - on the Dry Bridge, in the open air. In this vivid area, the trade starts in the early morning and artists welcome locals and tourists till the late evening. 

How to get to the market?

The market is located on the Dry Bridge that connecs Saarbruecken Square and 9 April Garden. It is possible to get here by metro, buses and minibuses.

What to see on the market? 

Modern paintings, graphics, sculptures, handicrafts, pottery, traditional embroideries, felt works are presented here. You can even find traditional chain shirts in this place!

The price of simple paintings starts from 20-30 GEL, and the price of some works reaches thousands of lari.

In addition to the works of artists, there is also a flea market nearby, where you can see and buy antiques, souvenirs, tapes, books, medals, coins, rare dishes, workshop tools, engravings made on traditional motifs and others.

This is the most interesting bridge in the city and you will definitely find something to buy here.

The Artists' Garden on the Dry Bridge is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00.

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