One-Day Tour in Shekvetili
Your trip will start at the Dendrological Park, seeing places famed for their beauty along the way, with the chance to enjoy the captivating nature. The tour continues through the gorgeous nature of Adjara, passing through Musicians Park and ending in the Miniature Park in Shekvetili.
1Shekvetili Dendrological Park
For years, it was a swamp and impenetrable forest, but today Shekvetili Dendrological Park attracts plenty of visitors. This unique recreational zone in Ozurgeti Municipality in the village of Shekvetili, stretches over 60 hectares between the mountains and the sea. This area, according to experts, is ideal for many types of flora and fauna.
2Miniature Park
At the Gurian seaside resort of Shekvetili, you can see all of Georgia without having to leave the resort, as the unique “Georgia in Miniatures” park can be found there!
3Musicians Park
Music has a power all its own – it inspires emotions within us that can turn small moments into unforgettable memories. Melodies enjoyed with a backdrop of gorgeous views and shared with good people bring about a lasting joy that stays with you for the rest of your days. If you crave this experience, you should pay a visit to the village of Shekvetili, where in the Musicians Park, you’ll encounter a celebration of world’s music.
On the Georgian coast of the Black Sea, 45 km north of Batumi, there is a small seaside resort called Shekvetili, known for its relatively peaceful atmosphere which makes it a popular spot for family vacation.
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