Kote Apkhazi Street

Kote Apkhazi Street

If wandering the charming streets of Tbilisi’s Old City district and doing a little shopping sounds like your idea of a great day out, then you’ll want to make sure to pay a visit to Kote Apkhazi Street. Formerly known as Leselidze, this colourful bustling street begins at Freedom Square and ends at Vakhtang Gorgasali Square (Meidani).

What is on Offer on Kote Apkhazi Street?

Shopaholics are going to find themselves spoiled for choice by the selection along this bustling shopping street.

In front of souvenir shops, you’ll find stalls selling Georgian candies and fruits. Then, there is a line of brand boutiques along the street, with a highlight being the shop of the famous Georgian designer, Avtandil.

As you meander along the cobbled street of Kote Apkhazi, you’ll see an abundance of traditional Georgian restaurants; cute, vintage cafes and restaurants. While you’re shopping, you can snack on delicious Georgian candies, dried fruit, churchkhela, and tklapi. You can even have a wine tasting or, if you prefer non-alcoholic beverages, quench your thirst with hand-pressed fruit juice.

At the end of the street, you will find one of the wonders of Tbilisi – the famous sulfur baths.

Multicultural Georgia

Once upon a time, this street was part of an ancient caravan road. The architecture here tells the story of how people used to live in Tbilisi. The street, which was once a place for artisans and merchants, now plays the role of an important historical and cultural centre.

Kote Apkhazi Street is a microcosm of the real Georgia: a diverse and multicultural place of friendship and co-existence. Proof of this is the fact that on this street there are houses of worship of many faiths standing side-by-side. 


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