57 Queen Tamar St., Kutaisi

57 Queen Tamar St., Kutaisi

European Art Nouveau or modernism in Georgia emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, and widely spread from large cities and small towns, to resorts and industrial centers. Modernist architecture predominantly consisted of residential houses, with all social classes trying to follow the trendy European fashions of the times.

The History of the Building

In the 1900s, in the city of Kutaisi, Mariam Davitashvili-Chubinishvili built a modernist-style house, often called the "Chinese house" by locals. The name makes sense when you look at the roofing which resembles the Buddhist pagoda shrines in China.

Architectural Characteristics

The building stands out for its asymmetric composition, exotic décor, and stylistic unity, all of which are characteristics of the modernist style.

Standing at a road junction, this foreign-looking house can be admired in its entirety from both sides. The main entrance opens from the side and the transverse façade, facing a central street, is decorated with arched windows and two wide terraces with stone columns.

The Building Today

Currently, the building is still a residential house.

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