Abuli Cyclopean Fortress

Abuli Cyclopean Fortress

When you travel in Georgia, you will find numerous stunning places, but few as impressive as the mysterious cyclopean monument in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region in southern Georgia.

Where is Abuli Fortress and what makes it special? 

Abuli Fortress dates back millennia and is located in Ninotsminda municipality, on Mount Patara Abuli, at an altitude of 2,700 meters above sea level.

To reach the fortress you must traverse a steep path, occasionally of grass and otherwise made of boulders.

The southern slopes of Patara Abuli Mountain, where the fortress stands, are covered with moraines - heaps of huge boulders. In ancient times, people took advantage of this and created hiding places, to evade the enemy.

Abuli Fortress stands in the middle of such moraine hiding places made with basalt boulders, representing a megalithic or cyclopean structure.

The height of the dry-built wall reaches 5 meters in some sections, and its width is 3 meters.

The fortress consists of a wall, an inner fortress, and storage stations. There are also about 40 stables inside the fortress, some with two floors and others with three.

The cyclopean fortress of Abuli is strong and impregnable. Archaeologists suggest that it may have been a defensive structure 3,500 years ago. Meanwhile, a spring emerges from the south of the Abuli fortress, which was probably used by the guards and the population sheltering here.

From the slope of Patara Abuli mountain, you can see Paravani Lake and Didi Abuli Mountain.


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