Alazani Floodplain Forests Natural Monument

Alazani Floodplain Forests Natural Monument

It would take a heart of stone to see the majesty of the Alazani Floodplain and not be moved by its beauty. This natural marsh forest is spread over 204 hectares of the Alazani River Bay, with a liana-draped forest the likes of which can be found nowhere else in Georgia. It is an arboreal wonderland reminiscent of something out of myth. Spend some time wandering its sun-dappled groves and you’ll have been transported to another world.

Alazani Floodplain – A Natural Migration Corridor

The Alazani Floodplain is an extremely important natural monument which acts as a refuge for dozens of species of birds and rare plants on the verge of extinction. At the same time, the Alazani Floodplain Forest is a natural migration corridor from arid and semi-arid zones to the Caucasus Mountains. This ecological corridor is used by a large number of animal and migratory bird species.

All Types of Nature on the Alazani Floodplain

You will find a wide habitat of wild walnut trees at the Alazani River Bay too. This is the only place in Georgia where this type of walnut tree grows, so this area is called Walnut Bay.

On the one-kilometer walking path through the Alazani Floodplain, you will also encounter unique ash, oak, and elm trees which make the place even more magical.

For lovers of nature, birdwatching, and conservation, the Alazani Floodplain National Monument is a must-see.


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