Algeti National Park

Algeti National Park

Visitors in search of ecological, botanical and adventure tours near Tbilisi, should visit Algeti National Park, which is located in Tetritskaro municipality, 60 km from Tbilisi.
Kvemo Kartli

What can you see at Algeti National Park? 

The park covers more than 6800 hectares and is located at an altitude of 1100-1950 m above sea level. The climate here is humid and cool, so you should not forget to take warm clothes.

Within the park, you will find many beautiful ravines and streams, over 1600 plant species and more than 100 bird species. Large carnivorous mammals in the park include bears and wolves.

There are currently five hiking routes in the Algeti National Park, ranging from easy to moderately difficult. One of the most popular is a two-day hiking trail that passes "Samepo Kedi" (Royal Range) and is equipped with a comfortable tourist cottage.

Around the park, you can travel to the popular canyons of Tsalka (Dashbashi), Birtvisi and Samshvilde. You can also visit Kldekari Fortress, surrounded by mysteries and legends.

Near the northeastern border of the park is Didgori Valley, where on August 12, 1121, the Didgori Battle, the most important battle in the history of Georgia, took place in which troops under the command of the glorious king of Georgians, Davit Aghmashenebeli (David the Builder), defeated the army of the Seljuk Empire. 

Algeti National Park visitor centre is located in the town of Manglisi.

You can even start your adventure right from the courtyard of the visitor center, equipped with a Rope Park.

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